The new grass hid beneath our feet
and flowers still slept in their buds
when you and I arranged to meet.
The gutters overflowed with mud
and every street contained a flood:
the rain had settled in to stay.
But hearts and lips were warm with blood;
the season ended, day by day

And in the sullen summer heat
of county fairs and marching bands
your snowcone kisses, cool and sweet-
you said – I said – I understand:
the twilights in the old bandstand,
the shadeless blue of each mid-day.
But time’s a cotton candy strand:
the season ended, day by day

The sun was shining on the wheat;
the tamarack stood tall and gold
when afternoons were bittersweet
and heralded the coming cold:
I saw the leaves begin to fold
and fade and curl and fall away.
I asked, I pleaded, I cajoled;
The season ended, day by day.

The fields are drifted, soft and white;
the birds have fled to Monterey.
The shortest day; the longest night.
The season ended, day by day

Probably shouldn’t tell people to write a ballade if I don’t take a shot at it myself, right? There’s no real RULE about the rhyme scheme so I changed up my b rhyme in every verse and let’s just go ahead and pretend that’s not because I fell in love with one line in the first verse but had picked a crap b rhyme which would have required me to reuse words.