Well, aren’t you a special snowflake,
expecting me to edit this document
when you haven’t even saved it to the network?

Look, mister, we have a network
for a reason. That reason is that, unlike a snowflake,
a contract needs version control. Not to pretend like versions 1 and 2 are each a different document.

So you can take your document…
And you can save it to the network…
No, really, just click on the little icon over there that looks like a snowflake.

(I’m going to cut a paper snowflake out of each page of this goddamn document and tape it to the wall and then head to the bar to “network.”)

December always makes me want to write a tritina. A lot of tritinas, actually. Dunno what it is about the season. This week’s version was brought to you by 3 words from Melony.