Prometheus didn’t want us
to use it like that, I think;
the fire. But who the fuck
cares anymore
burn it all down.

Salt the earth with tears
and those lamentations
you can spare
between your hashtags
and your slacktivism
change your profile picture again, motherfucker.

Does it bother you when I say fuck
when I say don’t tone police me
say bullshit
say black lives matter
say their names
say intent does not matter
say where are women’s voices
say indigenous women are missing in Canada
say they’re missing here
say we’re all missing the point
say love wins, love won
say love? that’s a contract between two consenting adults
say your cisgender
WASP-waisted words
do not define me
say what are you doing here, son

I am here; you can ignore me
you can walk right on past
Kitty Genovese me if you want
no-one will hear your rape threats on the internet
can’t I take a joke?


Maybe you’re the joke.
Maybe you’re not fucking funny.