“Mark your calendar” you laughed, and I knew you really meant mark
time, all those blank days separating the minutes we could steal.
I mean, the minutes we could spend together, as friends. Would I lie?

I set the table, spreading the cloth like a blanket. The forks lie
in their folded napkins like we spoon in a sleeping bag. You were so careful not to mark
me that I found no trace of you at all, not even the t-shirt I forgot to steal.

I helped you pack your trinkets, to wrap your life in old newspapers and steal
away from yourself. I stood there for five minutes smelling exhaust instead of your perfume. I lie
very still at night now, inhaling the scent of cars to remember you by. I go to my mailbox looking for your post mark.

We mark our days like this: the minutes we steal make up the hours in which we lie.

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