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So…. it turns out that one of the ports on my computer works really really well with my cable, and the other two not so much.  Hint: it’s the one with the matching picture.  Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, the other two ports actually do WORK, which prevented me from seeking the correct… oh hell with it.  Wanna see some fiber porn?

Psych.  First look at these turkeys.

Here, dinner dinner dinner

Yeah.  There we were, driving down the road on our way to the race, and…. turkeys.  Like, walking distance from my parents’ place, up a private road, against the woods, clear field of fire, fat young turkeys.  Little bastards were mocking me.  See you in a couple months, turkeys….

And then I did some other stuff.  Like this:



Needs more accelerant.

They were having some trouble getting the end-of-race fire going for the fire jump, so they poured gasoline on it.  Of course, the gasoline immediately burned off.  So one of the paramedics mixed up some napalm.  Yeah, no joke, napalm.  It worked.  So that’s me, jumping gleefully over napalmed logs, after 3+ miles of obstacles.

Honestly I have some mixed feelings about this race.  Overall it was great, well run, nice course, good obstacles (including the 10 foot jump into the water pit, which scared the wallballs out of me) but… the penalty for skipping/failing an obstacle was only 20 burpees.  Most of the obstacles took me longer to complete than it would have taken me to do 20 burpees, so I almost feel like I was penalized for completing the course as designed.  Yes, that’s going in my race feedback.  Overall I’m not disappointed, I finished solidly in the top half even with my shoulder sore after completing Grace Friday and my Achilles acting up… but knowing that I could have done better if I’d skipped obstacles and done burpees hurts me in the soul.

But you wanted fiber porn, didn’t you?  OK.

Sunday I dragged my sore and aching butt out of bed at the crack of 8:00 (usually I’m up at 4:30 to get to the 5:15 session at the box, so I don’t know why I’m griping) and headed down to the Flock & Fiber Festival.  I had every intention of watching the duck herding demo at 11:00, because srsly duck herding what just what I don’t even you guys DUCK HERDING but, um, I got distracted.  And my shopping buddy got distracted too.  And we started enabling each other.  And the next thing you know…

Such a patient dog.


So, about that porny porn porn (I am sort of dreading looking at what search terms are going to show up in my analytics this week).

I had every intention of taking all this stuff outside and making incredibly beautiful, sexy, true-color photos in all the greenery around my house.  I was going to balance things in pines and on cedars and maybe even in my single, tragic blueberry bush.  But in case you haven’t heard….


The Eye of Sauron is completely focused on the Pacific Northwest and it has been raining buckets for days.  The OFFF was muddy and slushy, and I was terrified that my precious finds would be blown away forever or soaked and felted or… Just… no.

So the closest I could come was this awesome camo parka liner.  It’s just like foliage.  The Army SWEARS.  And, with no further ado…


That is one BEAUTIFUL chunk of BFL.  It has a friend, too.


That’s some superwash merino up there, in “Cinnamon Bun” which is destined to become socks for me.  I was enamored enough of the colorway to get some milk fiber (yes, milk protein. No, I don’t know what it’s like to spin or wear, but it’s gorgeous, isn’t it?) in the same colorway.  I promise they’re the same.  The lighting was weird, ok?


Still on a sock kick, this is a merino/bamboo blend that’s scrumptious enough to deserve its own red pillow.


And a pile of silk hankies, artfully posed on some foliage.  Faux-liage, anyway.  I’m doing my best.  It’s really really really raining.

And then I found the luxury fibers.


From bottom to top, that’s 4 oz of delicious yak, and 2 oz each of baby camel and WHITE baby camel + silk.  OH YUM.


So, that’s some more camel/silk that I honestly couldn’t stop touching even long enough to take a photo.


And some bombyx silk that looked better on that pillow than the other one…

And last but not least….


That totally happened.  I couldn’t wait.  It’s destined to be a nice little shawlet(te) called Good Day Sunshine.  Cause I think I could use some of that.  Especially after I got home last night and someone opened the gate and let the greyhound out so that I got to go searching up and down the road for half an hour in the pouring rain.  She never goes far, but it’s always far enough to stop my heart.  Also by the time we found her, we were all chilled to the bone.  So I think a little sun and a bit of snuggling is in order.