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So, the plan is to tell you all about my trip to the Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival today.  That’s the plan.  I just want to get that out up front.  Because stuff be happening here that is derailing plans.

For example, about 20 minutes ago, so, uh, just before 6:00, I turned to The Boy and said “Honey, Sugar Puff, Sweetiepants, when did you start this wash?”  “Oh, around two, before you got back…” he replied.  We looked at each other, did the doubletake equivalent of the slow blink, and both dove for the washer.

The Good News: it’s probably not actually broken, it just needs a new belt or the old one might have been fine and just slipped off.

The Bad News: I’m finishing that particular load of Good Work Clothes in the tub.  Because the only thing open right now is Ross Dress For Less and the Cold Unfeeling Universe only knows if they have anything in The Boy’s size appropriate for his first day of work tomorrow.

Also, The Boy is flying to Boise for training tomorrow.  We found out about this on, oh, I don’t know, Thursday?  So I’ll be singledogparenting for a couple days.  And he’ll be running around in dirty pants, I guess maybe?

The Autistic Dog has decided that there is something valuable under one of the treadles of my spinning wheel.  This is becoming an obsession.  Every time I turn away, she’s back pawing and nipping at the treadle.  I’ve raised the entire machine up to show her that there’s nothing under there, but it doesn’t seem to matter.

I upgraded my phone and now pictures are taking forever to upload.  I took some really sexy ones, I swear.  But… not so much.

Also the lights are flickering.   And I’m the only one in the county that hasn’t lost power this weekend, so I’m probably due?

So here’s a greyhound covered in fiber, and I’ll post properly later, because It. Was. Epic.


There’s yak in there, and camel, and silk, and combinations of the above.  There’s BFL and superwash and bamboo and two SUPER SEKRIT things that aren’t in the picture and I can’t tell you about yet, one because I swear there’s going to be a really lovely emotional post about this year, and family, and it goes with that… and the other because IT IS A SURPRISE OK?

PS i was going to take sexy pictures of my treasures outside, but did I mention it’s raining sideways?

PPS We’re off to Ross while the pants are in the dryer.  Just in case of additional laundry-related tragedies.