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I wannabe… the kind of person – or blogger- that posts often enough to keep you interested, but not so often you get tired of me (that’s what Facebook and Twitter and whatever youkidsgetoffmahlawn are using these days to keep in touch are for).  But, truth, it’s easier to do that when things are easy, or if I’m really really angry about a thing that’s happening (I’m looking at you, Supreme Court, and mostly you, Scalia) or if something amusing is going on.  And it hasn’t been that kind of week.

Even my fic writing has been suffering, although I think I’ve got something pulled together for a Fiction Friday that I might even remember to post before we leave town tomorrow.

But honestly, it’s been a kind of crap month.  The kind of month that Lemony Snicket would write into someone’s life. 

It started out so positively.  I finally had a job interview, we were house shopping, we had found a really great house and were ready to put in an offer, the air was starting to smell like fall…

And then everything fell apart.  The Boy’s job went from “enh… ” to “they’re totally gonna outsource us.”  We didn’t get the house.  I have to go visit my family, which always kinda freaks me out and makes me tense.  Fortunately, The Boy is totally employable in a way that I’m just not, so he got a new job immediately.  Like, IMMEDIATELY.  Like, he got his job offer on the day I got my rejection immediately.  The grownup part of me wants to be really really happy about this, because the new job is going to make him happier and even though it’s an on-paper pay cut, the guaranteed bonus plus the fact that they pay for spousal benefits puts us right back at where we were. 

The rest of me is really sad and resentful.  I’ve only been looking for a different job for three years.  He gets call out of the blue with job offers, basically once a month.  While I’m sure I’ll eventually blog about how awful and miserable and often degrading my job is… I just can’t right now.  Both emotionally and for confidentiality reasons.  But just for a little flavor, try parsing this sentence that my boss just dictated for an email: “He advises that he raised him from an infant so he is just like a paternal father to him.”  Actually, lemme insert numbers os you can tell how many people we’re talking about: “He(1) advises that he(2) raised him(3) from an infant so he(2) is just like a paternal father to him(3).”

Also changing jobs meant we lost our loan approval and now we have to wait a month to start that process again, which means waiting ANOTHER month before we can start looking for houses, which means best case scenario we’ll be moving in the pouring winter rain, plus we lose our awesome low interest rate from the last approval.  Which means ultimately we get less house.  Yay.

On the plus side, a new house would have a working heater.  That would be pretty exciting, actually.

I feel like I should have a picture here or something.  Dachshund Sweater II: The Alpacaning is nearly done (but I forgot my DPNs to finish the sleeves with today).  The cats are probably doing something amusing.  The dogs are… well, wee Bill is either sleeping or barking, Kitty is peeing on the kitchen floor, and Rowan is hanging out at daycare learning bad habits.  So none of those things are really photogenic.

But honestly, all I’ve been doing right now is trying to put together some stuff in the future to look forward to so I don’t get overwhelmed by the thereness of the present.  To that end:

Chicago in October!  Hooray!  I get to stop in and see the AWESOME Tinks and Frogs‘ new house, deliver a load of rehomed clothes to another friend who has just started Crossfit and is one weightloss cycle behind a local friend… Autumn in Chicago is really wonderful.  The weather is nice, the fall color is nice, and I just miss everything about it.  Also pizza, y’all.  It’s not a pizza pie until they have to put a second crust on that sucker.

Atlas Race this weekend!  After Race the Reaper, I’m looking forward to a shorter race.  Lingering Achilles issue hasn’t been miserable this week, and 3-4 miles should be just about right for me.  At this point I’m stronger through the obstacles than most, but my running has suffered this year – heck of a change from last year when I was impulse-running half marathons just because I happened to be in town that day.  I miss that.  Maybe next year again.  Honestly, I was doing too much this year, and it caught up with me.  I cannot run half marathons, do aerial silk, and crossfit, unless and until I schedule that so I’m only doing a MAX of one workout in every 12 hour period.  In fact, the coach came up to me this morning while I was somewhere around “8” of a 10-9-8…1 set of strict presses and T2B, and said “I know you hate it, but I think this injury has been pretty good for you.  Your moves look a lot tighter.”  And I do have to agree.  But oh, my shoulders ache today after PT  and bodywork last night.

And I have a Real Lawyer Project to do at work, with depositions coming up in two weeks.  So that’s something.  It’s better than taking dictation and sewing buttons on The Boss’ coat, because I totally work in 1945.  When men were men and women typed.

Anyway.  Here’s my dog.  Sorry I’m a downer this week.


Apology picture of my dog