You guys.  you guys you guys you guys you guys you guys you guys you guys you guys you guys you guys.

Or, you guy.  Or girl.  Whoever is the only, lonely person following this blog right now.  And, uh, all you people that wanted to start at the beginning when I wrote something fabulous and got internet famous.


I woke up this morning and it was 40 degrees out and I had to use the defroster in the car and it was hard to see (ok, that’s cause I go to the gym at 5am and it’s DARK then but shut up and let me have my moment) and I wore my sweatpants over my quasi-booty shorts which are really only mostly booty shorts because I have a giant butt (proportionally, not objectively) and people don’t make shorts with girls who squat heavy in mind but anyway it was COLD and I got so excited.

Winter is coming.

And not in a sinister every-character-you-like-is-gonna-die Game of Thrones way.  In the way that I look forward to every year because SERIOUSLY? pumpkin spice latte everybody’s birthday christmas hallowe’en hot cider hot buttered rum more pumpkin pumpkin everything hot chocolate fireplaces knitted things red coats grey days tall socks fuzzy socks tights wool skirts fuzzy sweaters that warm spot under the covers you come back to after you let the dog out at 2:00 am who needs to pee at 2:00 am every night old people and my dog that’s who stupid dog you’re lucky you’re cute down comforters pumpkin spice nutmeg everything snickerdoodles baking whiskey ok whiskey is for summer too but there’s something about winter whiskey in a club chair pumpkin did i mention pumpkin and…

You were warned this was a textwall, right?

Every year at about this time my need to knit all the things and nest heavily becomes really overwhelming.  Right now I have on the needles:

1 pair not very surprise birthday socks (cuff and 4 rows of sock #1) in… grey.  whee.  But the pattern has sucked me in already and I’m really excited about it.

1 pair Socks for Boy (cuff and 1.5″ of sock #2) in Kroy Socks some godawful greeny rainbowy colorway because Boy is Booth about socks.

1 pair Kalajoki socks in a fantastic dark tweedy brown silk/merino/cashmere blend that I’ve totally lost the ball band to but suspect is a Hazel Knits because seriously oh my god so bouncy and soft…

1 Wurstwarmer, in a hideous superwash worsted weight merino that was at one time Boy Socks and this is the ball left over and I’m not wasting good yarn on the dachshund’s sweater.

1 birthday scarf in red Tosh Merino Light and since you don’t know yet how I feel about scarves, lemme tell you.  There’s a really fucking SHORT flowchart for scarf knitting.


So that’s how that works.  In case you were curious.  Scarves are torture.  All the payoff is in the first inch, and then you’re just bored to tears until you run out of yarn.  I’ll knit shawls forever, but scarves, UGH.

This isn’t mentioning the thousand other hibernating projects, the sweater worth of Silky Wool that’s taunting me, the half a summer sweater I once again didn’t finish this year, or the skein of laceweight that just came out of its madder bath and will someday be Aeolian.  I swear.  I have the beads and everything.  Just as soon as I finish this Christmas list…